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Top 10 mistakes by Diabetes people

The most common mistakes by Diabetes people

Most of times Diabetes people ignore the proper treatments at right time. Some of reasons may be like they are unable to identify the disease or can’t get consultation form the doctor at right time due to busy schedule of their life. Letter this carelessness may cause severe damages like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), hypertension, heart disease, nerve damages, kidney disorders and blindness.

According to Public Health foundation of India prediction nearly 44 lakh Indians age of 20 to 79 years­ are not aware that they are one of among Diabetes people. In 2011, around 10 lakhs people were died by epidemic diabetes of the country. According to the annual report there are around million in rural and 28 million in urban diabetes people of India. In the report also mentioned that thirty three million men are diabetic, while 29 woman are severely affected by high blood sugar. Here some common mistakes usually Diabetes people does:

Not keeping insulin safely

Insulin needs to be stored at cool temperature, but not in frozen or warm conditions. Insulin dose will not work properly or unable to maintain blood sugar level, not keeping it in cool environment. Try to avoid insulin storing at kitchen cabinet, drawer of desk and bedside table. Keep insulin away from sunlight. While travelling make sure that, you kept insulin cool in regenerator.

Irregular blood sugar checkups

If you are not checking blood sugar level in a right way, you will not get the exact readings. Read the instructions properly, because getting accurate test result is very much important. Wash your hand properly with hand wash liquid before performing the test.

Not following the proper insulin routines

Make a proper insulin routine by consulting with your doctor and keep it up regularly. You will get dropping drastically by repeatedly following the routine. If you are taking pills, it’s very much important to continue on schedule.

Not eating meals on time

Your blood sugar level will be very low by not eating meals on time. It is recommended that eating small meals many times it better than taking one or two meals. Try to avoid foods having high fat, salt and sugar. Your diet plan should include fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, whole grains, fish, and lean meats. Prepare your effective diet chart by consulting with nutritionist in details.

Not doing physical exercises regularly

Doing some physical exercises or hard work will make you feel fresh. It also helps you to maintain your body weight and blood sugar level lower. You should do exercises at least 30 minutes for every day.

Not taking care of feet

Many Diabetes people get severe nerve injuries. You may got severe numbness, pain and swelling in your feet. The pain may be sever over time. You must do some regular foot exercises to avoid these type of problems. Try to moisturize your feet and trim your toenails periodically. It’s very crucial to keep blood circulating to your feet. You can continue this exercise by wiggling toes and moving ankles widely 2 or 3 times every day. Don’t sit until your legs crossed for a long time.

Irregular health checkups

Don’t forget to visit your regularly. Take consultation of your doctor before taking any future treatments.

Using wrong Glucose meter

Using wrong glucose meter you can’t monitor your blood sugar level properly. So your doctor can’t predict or suggest you the right treatment.

Vitamin C overdose

The Vitamin C overdose raises blood sugar level and inactivates the glucose processing enzyme. So there will be low glucose readings. Some vegetables is having Vitamin C and you should not rely only on fruits as it contains too much natural sugar. Try to take 250 mg supplements daily to get a sustained release.

Setting inappropriate Exercise Goals

Ask for help to a appropriate GYM trainer so that you will not commit any injury by doing the exercise wrongly.

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