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How will you going to prevent dengue fever?

Why do you prevent dengue fever?

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne disease, which occurred in tropical and subtropical areas in your body. In general, dengue fever transmitted by the bite of a mosquito, which infected with one of the four dengue virus serotypes. However, this is a febrile illness that mostly affects infants, such as young children and adults with symptoms, appearing 3 to14 days after the infective bite. In the year of 2016, 390 millions of suspected dengue cases recorded, recently around 25 percent hike in India. So it’s very important to prevent dengue fever, otherwise it may cause death.

Some dengue vaccines are in under development, but it’s not available fully in the market yet. The vaccine that are under development, will be three-dose vaccine for children. People who had the vaccine dose, but still infected with dengue had a milder course of dengue, than who never vaccinated. However, this vaccine may not as effective as doctors would like, but it is safe and reliable. The company who is developing this vaccine, hasn’t yet confirmed any future plans to seek approval to market the vaccine.

prevent dengue fever

List of easy steps to prevent dengue fever

If you’re staying or traveling in an area where dengue fever has already spread, the simple way to prevent dengue fever is to avoid bites of mosquitoes that carry this disease. These tips will be helpful to you, if you are living in the place where possibility of dengue is high, such as:

  1. Stay in air-conditioned or well-screened house

In general, mosquitoes carrying the dengue viruses are most active from dawn to dusk, but they can also bite at night. So try to live in an air-conditioned or well-screened house.

  1. Always wear protective clothes

Try to wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, socks and shoes, when you visit any mosquito-infested area.

  1. Using mosquito repellent to prevent dengue fever

Apply Permethrin to your clothing, shoes, camping gear and bed netting. Buying clothes made from permethrin is also a best option. Spray repellent allover your skin, having at least 10 percent concentration of Diethyltoluamide (DEET).

  1. Reducing mosquito habitat

In general, mosquitoes carrying dengue virus, live in and around your home, breeding in standing water, which can collect in such things as used automobile tires. By reducing breeding habitat, you can lower mosquito populations around your home. This is the crucial step to dengue infections.

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