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What are the allergic reaction treatment available in India?

How essential allergic reaction treatment is?

Now-a-days allergic reaction treatment is much essential in India, because yearly 5-20% increase of patients complaining of allergy related problems. To get relief, timely allergic reaction treatment is the key point in this segment. WHO reported, there are around 15-20 million allergy patient in India. The rough estimates indicated a prevalence of between 10% and 15% mostly in 5 to 11 years old children.

Allergy is not an easily curable disease, but could be controlled. However, timely allergic reaction treatment by visiting to the allergist, get accurate allergic test reports, and proper medication are the best options. The major risk factors for potentially developing allergy are exposure, especially in infancy, to indoor allergic reactions such as domestic mites in bedding, carpets and stuffed furniture, cats and cockroaches, and the family history of allergy.

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What are the test available for allergic reaction treatment?

Your doctor can make allergic reaction treatment timely by performing an exam and will ask you about your health history. If you are getting severe allergic reactions, he may immediately recommend for some allergy tests to confirm its major causes. The most commonly recommended three types of allergy tests are:

  • Skin tests
  • Elimination-type tests
  • Blood tests

The skin tests performed by applying small amount of a suspected allergen on skin and notice for a biochemical reaction. These substance may tape to the skin known as patch test, if applied via a small prick to the skin called prick test. By injecting it just under the skin, called intradermal test. The impact of skin test is most valuable for treatments like:

  • Food allergies
  • Animal allergies
  • Animal dander, mold, and pollen allergies
  • Allergy to penicillin
  • Venom allergies caused by mosquito bites or bee stings etc.
  • Allergies produces in contact with dermatitis – a rash obtained by touching a particular substance

Elimination-type tests are very useful in food allergy treatment. It starts with removing specific types of foods from your diet for several weeks and noticing symptoms when you eat the food again. Further, your allergic reactions minimized repeatedly doing these experimentations.

Blood test confirms an allergic reaction in your blood for antibodies against a possible allergen. In general, antibody is a protein produced to fight against harmful substances in your body. Blood tests are the best options, when skin testing can’t work properly to identify exactly allergic reactions.

Medications for allergic reaction treatment

Over decades, antihistamines have been used for allergic reaction treatment. Patient can take antihistamines as pills, liquid, nasal spray, and eye drops. In general, antihistamine used as eye drops, which can relieve red itchy eyes. Nasal sprays widely used to diagnose the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Self-care for allergic reaction treatment

Once you discover your allergy causes, strictly follow these steps:

  • Do not exposure to any allergen
  • Avoid foods, drug allergy causing allergic reactions to your body
  • Keep yourself away from the animals causing allergic reactions
  • Don’t touch metals or latex causing instant allergic reactions
  • Take precautions to avoid seasonal allergies
  • Take medical care by exposing to allergen
  • Always carry medications, while travelling to unknown place

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